For years, teams in the networking space have struggled to keep pace with automation practices and the growing number of networking devices in their inventory. Engineers are forced to spend more time physically rewiring, configuring, and waiting for resources than on actual development and test cycles. Without a tool on the market that truly integrates the vast number of devices and various automation practices, engineers would continue to be slowed down. A team of experts wanted to find a solution.

By leveraging their experience in networking and the advancements in virtualization and SDN, the expert team at Tokalabs engineered a revolutionary way to manage network infrastructure, orchestrate topology changes, and simplify the automation process. The new Software Defined Labs (SDL) technology allows teams to manage all their physical and virtual resources from a single pane and provides complete control over their Private and Public Cloud resources. The SDL solution speeds up development and test cycles while improving overall product quality and enhances technical sales and proof-of-concept initiatives.

Tried and tested by multinational companies since 2016, the Tokalabs solution has enabled teams in Development, DevOps, QA/Test, TAC, IT Ops, PoC and Sales to rapidly improve their processes by providing them with an all-in-one Intelligent Management and Analytics, On-Demand Sandboxing, and Codeless Automation solution. Today, Tokalabs enables teams to manage every physical and virtual resource in their network infrastructure and provides them with complete control over their Private and Public Cloud domains.