Software Defined Labs™ Are Changing The World of Testing

The team at Tokalabs has published a detailed white paper on how Software Defined Labs™ (click HERE to read now) are changing the landscape within test labs across IT vendors and end users.

In this paper, the team explores the inefficiencies that exist in legacy labs and the market forces driving the need for software defined. Based on real customer experiences, we compare the same test requirements being run in a legacy lab versus a software defined lab. In doing so, the SDL achieves an increase in productivity of over 70% –


This is accomplished by abstracting all devices (physical, virtual, cloud) as well as all tests and topologies. Over time, the lab will continue to see improved efficiences due to no longer needing to reconfigure the network or refactor multiple test scripts.

To learn how leading test teams are taking advantage of converting to software defined labs, read the entire white paper HERE





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