Taking The Pain And Complexity Out Of Customer Demos And PoC’s

If you Google search the phrase “typical sales process”, you will find a few lists that look something like – Prospect, Qualify, Demo, Negotiate/Close, Deliver. Some sales leaders put their own spin on the list, using different names or adding in extra sub-steps, but when you boil them all down this is pretty much the master playbook.

Each of these stages present a unique set of challenges, but from my very first sales post almost twenty years ago to working with the largest sales teams in the business today, the most difficult stage organizations seem to still struggle with is the ability to conduct and manage the demo process.

Most every sales person in the IT space, especially hardware, knows the pain involved with the logistics around doing customer demonstrations, or worse, an onsite proof of concept (PoC).

If it is a remote demo, is the lab working? Can you get access or is there a queue? Are the systems configured properly? Can you do multiple demos at the same time? Can you cordon off your environment so it isn’t interrupted during a live demo?

If it is an onsite PoC, is there inventory available? Is the equipment ready to ship or is it old equipment that is on its last leg? Who is going to configure it, ship it, install, etc.? When the PoC is done, who gets to pack it all up and send it back? Who tracks all this? What happens when business takes off and there are many PoC’s taking place simultaneously?

Finally, at what point does finance confront sales leadership to warn them that they are sinking the ship? While it is an extreme case, I once worked with an organization that believed they had somewhere around $50 million in eval equipment in the field. “Believed” is in italics because years of bad processes put them in a position that they really didn’t know just how much there actually was.

If your sales enablement team is struggling with similar issues, read our tech brief, “Enhancing PoC and Sales Experience”, to learn how to drastically improve your demo and PoC process.

Here are just a few highlights of the benefits discussed in the paper:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Gain immediate insight to device availability
  • No more interrupted demos

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