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SAN JOSE, CA – October 17th, 2017 – Tokalabs, creators of Software Defined Labs™, has announced the addition of a virtual appliance, the LS100VE, to the LaunchStation product family. Easily deployed as a virtual machine on a range of hypervisors, the LS100VE takes the pain and complexity out of lab management, equipment sharing, and automation. Through the LS100VE, network and test resources can be abstracted and transformed into virtual elements that can be accessed, controlled, and automated via a web browser or rest API call.

Keith Andrews, GM of Tokalabs, explains the value of the virtual appliance, “While our customers appreciate the high performance of our physical appliances, there are some environments where deploying a virtual appliance version of the LaunchStation is more advantageous. The flexibility and speed of deployment that the LS100VE allows will enable a greater number of lab teams to achieve the efficiencies of a Software Defined Labs™.”

As with all LaunchStation appliances, the LS100VE eliminates the need to physically maintain multiple testbeds, freeing lab teams to spend more time testing and not cabling, configuring, and standing up/tearing down resources. This translates into both a cost and time savings for vendors and, ultimately, the acceleration of releasing products to market.

The LS100VE is available now.



About Tokalabs
Tokalabs provides a simple push-button approach to building and sharing network topologies and automated test beds unlike anything ever designed before. Tokalabs enables any lab team – R&D, QA, Support, Performance, DevOps, etc. – the ability to design, create, manage, and automate functions across any network device, be it physical, virtual, or cloud and regardless of vendor or supported management protocol. Whether it’s automating simple device functions or full-scale network orchestration, Tokalabs enables customers to create Software Defined Labs™ that eliminates the pain and complexity of legacy processes.


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