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SAN JOSE, CA – November 1st, 2017 – Tokalabs, creators of Software Defined Labs™, has announced Hybrid L1 support across all Allied Telesis OpenFlow-enabled switches. With the Tokalabs solution, Allied Telesis Layer 3 switches running the AlliedWare Plus OS can be transformed into the ultimate, cost-effective Layer 1 fabric for lab, enterprise, and datacenter environments.

By leveraging the OpenFlow ruleset, Tokalabs has created thes Hybrid L1 – an affordable platform that can stitch together an endless number of secure layer 1 logical pathways. In addition, this Hybrid L1 can go beyond traditional L1 and support instantaneous linkage of physical and virtual interfaces on demand.

“With a Tokalabs enabled Hybrid L1 fabric, a lab team retains all the benefits of legacy L1, but with the additional power to add virtual devices”, said Keith Andrews, general manager of Tokalabs.

“By combining world class Allied Telesis switches with the power of the LaunchStation, any lab can easily be upgraded to a Software Defined Labs™ at a very affordable price.”

Tokalabs provides built in driver support for a variety of traditional L1 and Hybrid L1 fabrics.  For a full list of supported platforms see the approved vendor list online at


About Tokalabs
Tokalabs provides a simple push-button approach to building and sharing network topologies and automated test beds unlike anything ever designed before. Tokalabs enables any lab team – R&D, QA, Support, Performance, DevOps, etc. – the ability to design, create, manage, and automate functions across any network device, be it physical, virtual, or cloud and regardless of vendor or supported management protocol. Whether it’s automating simple device functions or full-scale network orchestration, Tokalabs enables customers to create Software Defined Labs™ that eliminates the pain and complexity of legacy processes.


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